How do you find your characters?


It's important to understand that all writers are different and work in different ways. I would like to say that all my characters are simply figments of my imagination, and to a large degree they are.

It is however, inevitable, that as you go through life you will come across people that will make an impression on you and some elements of these people may subconsciously creep into your characters whether you are aware of it or not.

I always start however, with a blank canvas and let the individuals form their own characters as I write.


How do you find a plot?


Again it is an individual style or preference. I know of authors that have the plot written down, with every scene clearly identified before they start to write the book.

I also know of authors who sit at their computers and just write, seeing where the characters and plot lead them.

Like millions of others, I am a great fan of J. K. Rowling, who, it is written, once said that if you know your characters well enough then the book will write itself.

I tend to spend a great deal of time writing descriptions of my characters so that I know them as I would know a friend. I know how they would act in a given situation, I know all of their mannerisms, I know what turns them on and what they hate, just as all of us do with a close friend.



Have you written any other books?


No Way Out was my first published book and Absolute Duty is the sequel.


I am already writing the Third Patrick Spencer Mystery, which I expect to be available early in the New Year with the same characters who you will have known from Books 1 & 2 but with the introduction of a number of intriguing additions.


I am also planning a series of books based in the same fictional village of Abbot's Meadow but in a different genre.

This series is best described as Agatha Raisin meets Agatha Christie for a coffee in The Crocus Coffee Shop.

I promise it will be easier to read than it sounds!




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